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5 stars!

   I’ve have personally taken one of TJ’s workshops and have enjoyed it immensely. Five Stars For TJ! He goes into detail on setting up your camera if needed, answers any questions on the type photography you shoot and goes out of his way to make sure you learn what you intended.


Dan B.

5 stars!

   TJ's Space Launch workshops are more fun than I have room to write! I have been to two now; a day launch and a night launch, and on each one my shots turned out perfect! TJ made sure that all my settings were set exactly like they needed to be for the particular shot! Especially the night time streak shot! I was so happy to finally get a streak shot!


Terry L.

5 stars!

   My SpaceX launch photos...would never have happened without the camera setting instructions you provided. To say that I learned something valuable is an understatement. Thank you so much TJ for the instructional. Because of you, Patty and I will have some photos to fondly remind us of that wonderful afternoon.


Eddy W.

5 stars!

   I went to TJ's northern Everglades camping adventure. It was amazing how much I learned in a few days with TJ. It was almost an information overload! TJ even did a video of the trip I was on that can be seen at

   I made the trip down to Florida from Georgia and it was well worth it. TJ is even always there for me via text or email whenever I have new questions for him about photography or camera equipment.

   Once the weather cools down and COVID 19 dies down, I will definitely be going again. It was a lot of fun!

   Thank you TJ!


Cristina N.

5 stars!

   I went on TJ's northern Everglades camping adventure. We had a blast! I had only one night and when I arrived, TJ had my tent set up so we could hit the wilderness trails right away for an action-packed 24 hours.

   He knows where all the critters hang out day and night and their habits. We spotted gators, snakes, does with fawns and dozens of varieties of birds. My boring snapshots have dramatically improved with a few of his quick tips. He has shown me how to get amazingly close to wild animals.

   TJ is so patient and so much fun to be with. I can't wait to go again!


     Gail P.

5 stars!

   My family and I took one of TJ's Adventure Photography day tours! We had a blast! He knows so many great places to get some really cool photos! He didn't take us to zoos or other places where the animals are caged up; he took us out into wild Florida where we could see and photograph alligators, eagles, osprey and all kinds of other animals where they really live.


   TJ always made sure we were safe, yet we got to experience the thrill of getting kind of close to some awesome wildlife! I highly recommend TJ Waller's Adventure Photography guided tours. We're going to do a camping tour with him next time!


    Jake K.

5 stars!

I saw TJ's design and image work and knew I wanted to work with him. We just completed our first of many projects and I couldn't be happier with his awesome talent, excellent communication skills and patience while guiding & educating me through the process. Plus he makes it all fun and interesting! Highly recommended!!



    Rick McKee

   Our Pet Stuff

5 Stars

Thank-you for your wonderful work! Your website is wonderful as well. I will be using your services again.



   Manifesting More Miracles

5 Stars!

Wow! What a professional as well as a wonderful human being. This guy will take care of you. I highly recommend this artist and individual.


   Jay Giles

   President, KSNN

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