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  Welcome to TJ Waller's Adventure Photography!

Adventure Photography

   Exactly what is Adventure Photography?

   It is where you will get one-on-one, hands-on wildlife photography training from TJ out in the wild fields, woods, forests, marshes, wetlands and swamps of Florida. A professional guide, his trained eyes can spot things most folks' eyes miss!


   Choose from day trips that last from two hours to all day; or, if you are really adventurous, go on one of TJ's three day camping trips in the Florida Northern Everglades!


   On the day trips TJ will take you to some of his favorite spots where you are certain to see Florida wildlife at its best - wild and untethered! You'll learn TJ's tips and tricks for spotting, attracting, approaching, or camouflaging yourself from your subjects. If you have your own special place, hire TJ to come along with you and glean from his knowledge & experience!




florida wildlife guide

florida wildlife guide

florida wildlife guide

   If you are into camping, join TJ on one of his Adventure Photography camping trips in the northern part of the Florida Everglades! Not only is it fun, it is completely safe; though you will experience wild Florida like you never have before while learning on the go how to capture great wildlife shots!


   Trips consist of two night and three night trips. Here you will encounter birds of all types, snakes, gators, bobcats and maybe even the elusive Florida panther (watch the video above)!


   Not only will you learn the necessary techniques for wildlife photography, tips for low light & night time photography and much more, you will also learn bushcrafting and basic survival skills as well.



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